Best Laptops Under $500 for Online Business Program

Running an online business is a great chance to earn more income. What you need to know is that you also need to make sure that you are supported by the right laptop. So, here you are about to read the reference of budget best laptops under 500 which can be used to support your online business. In the end, you can enjoy your online activity. The most important thing is that you can do it anytime and anywhere you want. Let’s start to discuss about best laptop under $500 for online business owners.

Gamer laptop with video game

It is good if you take small size laptop and Samsung Chromebook will be a great option. This is because the size is only 11.6 inches so it can be brought anywhere you want. Second, definitely it is also about the specification of the laptop itself. To support the smooth performance, Samsung Chromebook is using Intel Celeron as its processor. The RAM is small but it is enough to make sure that the speed of the laptop fast enough for your online business. It is necessary for you to watch the screen for a few hours and it has to be clear and comfortable. To support business owners, HD graphic is installed and it is also coming from Intel. You don’t need to worry about the battery life of this laptop. Just imagine! You can just manage your business website, answer the question from the customers, and find any kind of business prospect anywhere comfortably with this laptop for 9 hours.
Lenovo Thinkpad is also designed along with small and compact design. It is lightweight and easy to bring to your favorite areas. If it is about the processor, Lenovo is using different type of processor. This laptop is using Quad Core processor and it produces 1.5GHz speed. To support the speed of the laptop, Levono is using bigger size of RAM. Lenovo is also using larger storage system and it makes the performance faster and smooth. The graphic of the laptop is great and it makes your comfort while managing your online business. Lenovo Thinkpad is using Windows 7 Professional along with built in webcam. The black color makes this laptop looks elegant and simple in design.
This latest version of Dell Inspiron is great option because of its 5th generation Intel Core i3-5005U processor. The interesting part is on the features installed in this Dell Inspiron in which you can use Bluetooth, 3 in 1 card reader, USB, headphone, and microphone. Those features gives good performance along with 4GB RAM used in this latest version of Dell Inspiron. The high tech is also can be seen with the used of Windows 8.1 as the operating system. One of the best parts is on its audio system in which it is supported by Waves maxxaudio. Black color of the laptop makes this laptop looks elegant and stylish to bring and use.    
17 inches HP Pavilion is a good option to support your online business. This large size laptop is using several latest features including bigger Hard Drive. The RAM is standard but it supports the performance. The features installed are including media card reader, webcam, and Wi-Fi. Intel Dual Core processor makes the performance of this laptop looks perfect especially for online activities. Windows 8.1 operating system is used to make your activities easy to do. The best part is that this HP Pavilion laptop is thin and portable to use and bring. To complete the feature, HP laptop is also supported by DVD RW and CD RW dual layer.   
This Dell Inspiron is non touchscreen laptop but it is supported by Intel Celeron N2830 processor. This 15 inches laptop is also using 4GB RAM and 500GB Hard Drive. To give outstanding images, Dell is installing Intel HD graphic. The Windows 8.1 operating system is used to make sure that you can operate this laptop without any kind of problem. Dell Inspiron is also considered as portable laptop along with a lot of functions. It is also a lightweight which is 1 inch thin laptop so you can bring anywhere you want to support your online business activities. The Processor and those features above allow you to do multitasking activities with Dell Inspiron.
Toshiba is a good option because it is operated along with Intel Dual Core Celeron N2820 processor. 4GB RAM and 500 Hard Drive are enough to make this laptop fast enough to use.  15 inches size doesn’t make this laptop heavy and the design makes it lightweight and easy to bring. Windows 8.1 operating system makes this laptop has the same standard with its competitor. The most interesting feature of this Toshiba laptop is on its supermulti drive DVD. It seems you will be shocked with the images because it is supported by TruBrite technology. This laptop is flexible, reliability, and affordable enough for your online mobile activities.
16 inches Toshiba laptop can also be your option. The interesting feature is including Intel Celerong N2840 processor. You can save your important data in 500GB hard drive. 4GB Memory is also big enough to make your online activities such as saving images looks easy to do. Just like its previous generation, this laptop is also supported by Supermulti Drive DVD. The operating system is easy and comfortable to use because of Windows 8.1. Seeing the design of the laptop, this is also considered as a lightweight laptop so you can put in the bag easily and bring it anywhere and anytime you want.   
Samsung laptop is a great option because of its silver color. The performance is also great because of the 2.16GHz Intel Celeron processor. 2GB RAM is small but it is enough for your online activities. Interestingly, this laptop is using solid state drive with 16GB capacity. Samsung laptop is also interesting because of the devices installed there. Those are including free Google Drive storage, Microsoft Office with free could version. You can work all day long especially running your online business because of the Chrome battery which can stand up to 9 hours. Intel HD graphic is also used to make sure that you get the best images in front of the screen.